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Who Is Vallarta La Estancia?

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Giovanni Giammarco has over thirty one years of entrepreneurial experience in real estate as a broker, syndication developer, mortgage banker, and hotelier. In 2007, he purchased a unit at the new Villa La Estancia development in Nuevo Vallarta. With the growing demand to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, combined with the one of a kind luxury appeal of Villa La Estancia, it wasn’t long before he realized the rental potential of his own two bedroom villa near the oceanfront; and knew it would soon be an exclusive vacation destination.

But there was a common recurring issue. The challenge of choosing to rent a privately owned luxury villa, often considered a second or third home, to the public can be a difficult decision for owners. Rental agencies, and even the in-house developer’s rental program, often fell short of recognizing the owners’ concerns and problems. As an owner himself, Mr. Giammarco was able to relate to the issues of the owners. So he developed a rental program based on each owner’s individual terms and requirements.

His solution to his own rental concerns has not only grown into a successful business, but it continues to remain the best choice for all parties involved as it represents villas found only at Villa La Estancia. Because Vallarta La Estancia, Cabo La Estancia, and Cabo del Arco stand alone, with no mixed interests in renting for other resorts in Los Cabos or Nuevo Vallarta, owners can be confident that Vallarta La Estancia, Cabo La Estancia and Cabo del Arco have the best system to rent their villa and clients can expect a vacation tailored to their specific requests.

With direct communication between both owner and resort, the client will receive the most accurate information possible, and the most desirable villas to choose from in the Villa La Estancia inventory, since most owners are now exclusively represented by Mr. Giammarco. With a full office staff already managing several different companies for Mr. Giammarco, Vallarta La Estancia, Cabo La Estancia, and Cabo del Arco make up a professional enterprise, where all transactions between owners and clients are facilitated to ensure a problem free vacation experience.

Please contact Mr. Giovanni Giammarco with any questions or for further information at: +1(310) 573-9400.